’90s Console War Movie In The Works; Seth Rogen Takes Co-Director Role

“Superbad” and  “The 40-Year Old Virgin” mastermind Seth Rogen will be teaming up with writer Evan Goldberg to help write and direct a movie based on the Sega and Nintendo console competition in the 1990s reports Independent.ie today.

The film will be largely based upon the “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo And The Battle That Defined A Generation” book written by Blake Harris, a book that delves inside the battle between two companies and how they started the ever-growing industry that gamers, publishers and developers thrive on each day.

What is also interesting is that Sony has snatched up all the rights to this movie long before the book is even released, so Microsoft is out of luck on this one. Considering the material that Rogen and Goldberg have produced before, let’s not be surprised that this original idea turns out to be either an epic comedy or a deeper, charming approach on the rise of the industry- – a formula that matches that of “The Social Network” film.