Ghost Recon Online Gets More Content; Take Part in the Playtest

The nearly two year old game from the Tom Clancy series is getting a bit more content. Players can look forward to a new feature called Smoke Grenades and Tactical Insertion. It will allow for your teammates to spawn right next to you instead of the teams’ base. This can provide for added support or cover fire but can also give away your position, so it is indeed a tactical decision to make. Hopefully the grenades will help.

During the playstest, you will be playing in a new testing environment which sets you at level one. There will also be smoke grenades and the tactical insertion to purchase for 1 RP. It’s unclear how much each will cost once they’re implemented in the actual game but for now it’s a good deal. Visit the official website for more information including how to take part in the testing because it all starts in a couple of days.