The Wii U Outsells The Xbox 360… In Japan

The Wii U hasn’t been doing so well — I know it, you know it, Nintendo knows it. Calling the Wii U a failure would be an understatement of great magnitude. Sure, it’s no Gizmondo, but this console generation is doing incredibly well — essentially eliminating any and all excuses for the tablet bearing fun box. And that’s not even counting the massive success of its predecessor, the Wii.

While no longer a skip away from another 64DD on their hands, and certainly still impressive in the first-party title department, Nintendo needs a sales boost. Desperately. Unfortunately, miracles only come in the form of quirky fighting games involving multiple franchises — and who ever heard of such a thing?

Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about Super Smash Brothers. You know, that game where competitive maniacs from across the land buy up some consoles for sponsored playtime, and other crazy folk lose best friends over Pikachu VS. Kirby debates. I hear it’s a great game. For now, however,  the Wii U should take whatever confidence boost it can get. It’s good, then, that it just beat the Xbox 360 in overall sales in Japan.

  • The Xbox 360 sold a total of 1,641,528.
  • The Wii U sold a total 1,643,095

When compared to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One sales, these numbers are quite embarrassing, but for a struggling console that’s failing to make a stand between two of the fastest selling consoles in video game history, any win is good. Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t falter with its impressive first-party lineup this year.