OTON X, The Autonomous Game Console Opens UI Beta Signup

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a console that developed a new game for you to play everyday? Also, said game is created within minutes, and can be modded with custom content, too. There’s no need for a TV either, as the console has a build in projector, and you’re free to sell your custom games in a dedicated marketplace. Does all of this sound too good to be true? It might be, and this is your chance to find out.

EnGeniux, creators of the OTON X console, are inviting players to join them in testing the UI for the only device that “self-creates games, without human input.” Interested folks can sign up here, and begin dishing feedback that’ll help speed development on additional features. Of course, there’s always the — strong — possibility that this is all an elaborate scam.

An excerpt from the official OTON X website:

“Do you want to play a new 2D or 3D action game instantly? OTON has you covered! How about a new racing game? Or a new 3D alien shooter game? No problem, OTON can do it! And, the best thing about OTON is that all OTON created games are 100% free! Imagine every single day you can play a new exclusive EnGeniux OTON game free of charge!”

That doesn’t sound very reassuring. Either way, it never hurts to test the waters. Just remember kids, beta participation don’t cost you money.