Trolls vs. Vikings, Winner Decided In New Game

In a battle between Trolls and Vikings, who would be the victor? Which group of brawny, mismatched, and unbathed bastards would rise above the other? The age old question has finally been answered. Well, kinda. You can actually answer it yourself by playing Trolls vs. Vikings, a reimagined tower defense game by Megapop.

Trolls vs. Vikings is not your ordinary tower defense game, however. Breaking tradition, the game allows players to move active units, as well as interact with a dynamic tile system. Other nifty inclusions are integrated social features — a staple in nearly every modern title, boss battles that pit you against Nordic Gods, and difficulty modes ranging from casual wuss to Thor kicking ass. According to Megapop, each mode requires new tactics in order to conquer challenges, essentially doubling the already staggering amount of content — over 30 hours of gameplay with future updates in the works.

The game is currently only available on iOS devices, but Android, Microsoft and browser versions are expected to release later this year. If you’re looking to beat down some trolls, you can quit lurking in the comments. Trolls vs. Vikings can be downloaded here for free.