Unboxing the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition

I’m what you’d call a dyed in the wool game collector. Like a lot of folk, I love the feeling of owning games — of having a proper library on my shelf. Of course, I wasn’t always this way — I ruined or traded in plenty of valuable items as a kid, but as I’ve grown, I’ve found comfort knowing that my gaming history lies at my fingertips, ready to play or share with friends at a moments notice. I love the convenience and accessibility of digital distribution, but for as long as I game, I’m going to buy physical copies when I can.

Now, even as a dumbass kid with no concept of value, I found myself enamored by collector’s editions. In the back of my very first issue of OPM, I¬†remember seeing an ad for Lunar Silver Star Complete¬†and falling in love. Working Designs had a way of throwing together special editions that spoke to you, packed with bonus content that truly enhanced the play experience. I bring them up because Namco’s latest collector’s edition for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles brings me back to the time I spent staring at that ad. It is a fantastic package, inside and out, packed with materials that are sure to delight hardcore fans. I was so taken with it, in fact, that I decided to do an unboxing. I only hope the care Namco has put into this edition comes through in this video.