Steam Sales, Developer Sales, Broke Customers

Steam Sales, also known as “reasons I still eat ramen” are incredibly common these days. Nearly every holiday, obscure or traditional, has its own special discounts. Every month, my collection grows larger, while my budget for virtually anything else dwindles to the bare-minimum. Luckily, gaming is a priority in my household, and my fiance is fine with frozen potato fritters and ‘manager’s special’ eggs. Well, at least she seemed to be. We haven’t talked much since the Martin Luther King Day Sale.

Recently, in an “effort to shorten the distance between developers and customers,” Valve announced that developers would be able to discount their own games via Steam. Companies will be able to knock prices down for two weeks on any game, every two months, and without any restrictions regarding pricing. Valve doesn’t have to be alerted, either, making it easier than ever to offer choice prices for customers to enjoy.

It’s clear that Steam is, for better or worse — but totally for the better — the future of gaming.¬†With developers now able to coordinate promotions, we’ll likely see a flurries of fresh deals more frequently, which is both a gift and a dark, wallet-stripping, sex-withholding, life-consuming curse.