Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Gets First PS4 Trailer

The PS3 top-down shooter is coming to PS4 in the form of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition.  Yesterday, Sony confirmed that the hit game would launch on March 4 and will be a free title for PS+ members.  Players will not only get an enhanced PS3 version, but will also get plenty of new features to make another trip down zombie lane worthwhile.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition comes in at a native 1080p resolution with improved textures, rendering and effects.  Included with the game is the Road to Devastation expansion pack, which adds the Arcade and Endless modes.

One of the new features is the Challenge Mode.  Every time you complete a level you can send your score to a friend who will then be prompted to beat it.

However, the coolest new feature is the social functionality built into the game.  Titled Broadcast+, players can use this feature to stream their gameplay to the masses, and in turn the viewers can influence the difficulty of your game.  The viewers can vote between positive and negative effects that will effect how the player plays.  There are a total of 30 voting effects that range from spawning zombie packs to rewarding the player with more ammo.  As a form of revenge, the voter’s names appear in-game as zombies for the player to shoot down.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is out March 4 exclusively on PS4.  A PS Vita version is still in the works.  Check out the debut trailer below: