Hulu Plus Arrives to Nintendo eShop

Nintendo fans aching to watch some Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on the Wii U are in luck, as Nintendo has sent out a message announcing that Hulu Plus has been added to the Nintendo eShop, and users are eligible for one free month of the on-demand tv show and movie service if they haven’t signed up already.

An update to all Nintendo systems will be required in order to use the service, and according to Nintendo the special one-month free offer will expire on May 1st.

“Hulu Plus is now available on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems! That means you can watch your favorite family and kids TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere, just as long as you are connected to the internet,” the message read. “This 1 month trial is only available to Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, and Wii U owners.”

However, this is yet again evidence that Nintendo is stuck far behind when it comes to integrating innovative applications that their core fans probably have on their other systems; their competition being Sony and Microsoft consoles. The only thing that would make this update even cooler is if they somehow brought up some exclusivity for viewing the old Sonic and Super Mario Bros. cartoon shows. Here’s hoping.