N++ Bringing Intense Platforming Action to PS4

N is the name of a freeware game that launched in 2004 and found itself with a burgeoning fanbase. In 2008, N+ launched on DS, PSP, and Xbox Live Arcade. It was a better version of an already entertaining platformer but it looks like the developers weren’t ready to put the title down yet.

N++, which was previously announced for PS4, is the epitome of a difficult platformer. Playing as a ninja, you must use speed to your advantage. Understanding the character’s momentum is integral to the experience. Unlike many other modern platformers, N++ also forgoes pixels for vector art.

Why should players be interested in yet another rebirth of N? Metanet dished on some of the new features which include 1000 brand new stages, level editor, and weekly challenges. Check out the gameplay teaser if you need to have a bit of N++ in your life before launch: