WWE Network Should Work on Xbox 360 By March 3

WWE released a statement today in an e-mail blast stating that the Xbox 360 version of the WWE Network app, which hasn’t allowed for logins since the launch of the network on Monday February 24. Assuming everything works on Monday, that would just give people who signed up for a free trial and largely expected to use the service on the 360, just one day to actually make use of the service. The statement puts a nice spin on this that you can enjoy it on the network’s site or with another device, but if you have browser issues and don’t have another connected device, you’re kind of out of luck. Hopefully Xbox 360 users who get screwed over with this are given some kind of make-good. Given the issues with last night’s live NXT Arrival debut that rendered the second-half of the show largely unviewable, it’s probably not a priority right now, but it’s easy to envision them offering up a free month voucher. We’ve got an extensive look at the PS4 version of the app here, and you can check out the PS3 app in video form here. The apps are largely identical, although the PS3 version has a search feature – it’s quite handy if you want to go on a marathon of Great Muta matches from his WCW days, or check out a specific match on a PPV.