Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Shutdown Affects Pokémon More Than You Thought

The other day, Nintendo announced they will be shutting down Wi-Fi access to the Wii and DS consoles. It’s quite a shock to hear and caught everybody by surprise. Now, many of their popular online titles will have less features to enjoy. Mario Kart Wii won’t have any online races, no more cross-country fights in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and you won’t be able to travel further in either Animal Crossing titles. It’s a big blow to some gamers, especially those who haven’t upgraded to the Wii U or 3DS (which is probably what Nintendo wants).

While it’s nothing new for online games to lose servers and popularity, it is new for Nintendo. Don’t worry, Netflix and some other apps will still work, just some game features won’t. You can read more about it on their site, which also lists all the games affected by the shutdown. You have until May to keep playing online.

But, maybe they had some secret plan behind it… a Pokémon related plan. With online Pokémon battles heating up on X and Y, people have found ways to bypass some of Nintendo’s anti-cheating features. Some have actually gotten their hacked Pokémon through the filters. They use mobile apps and websites to build fakes and send them to Pokémon Black and White via Wi-Fi. Then, they can put it through Bank and on to X and Y.

While it’s a long-shot to assume that they’d shut down online modes just for Pokémon, it is one of their hottest franchises, and it’s possible they’d do anything to protect it, so who knows. They’ve been real adamant on stopping leaks and spoilers, and hacks are right up there too. Nevertheless, it’s nice that they’re trying to protect players, but the cost seems too great.