Warner Bros. May Have Leaked The New Batman Arkham Villain

Earlier this week some Batman material was allegedly leaked by a Gamestop employee — a possible logo for the next game in Rocksteady’s popular Arkham series. While a majority of the “news” regarding the title is speculation, Warner Bros. may have tipped the scales with a recent Facebook post.

Batman: Hush, a Warner Bros. owned and operated Facebook account made an interesting post earlier today.

“Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be about to get more interesting next month…”

It’s the timing that is most intriguing about the comment, posted shortly after the logo was leaked online. As those who have played Batman: Arkham City know, Hush stole a graph of Bruce Wayne’s face before escaping without a trace. Will we see the conclusion to his story in the threequel? If the post is anything to go by, we should have more information in the next few weeks.

For the official post, click the image below.