Rumor: Sony Accidentally Outs Watch Dogs Release Date

Watch Dogs has remained a highly anticipated game since its initial reveal at E3 2012.  Originally set to release alongside the PS4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft at the last minute decided to delay the game into 2014 stating that the development team needed more time to finish the game.  After that we haven’t really heard much about the game, including the new release date.

However, it looks like Sony might have jumped the gun.  The Sony Entertainment Store is listing Watch Dogs for a June 30, 2014 release.  Neither Ubisoft or Sony have published a statement regarding this date.

It’s most likely that this is a placeholder that Sony put up so that users can pre-order the game.  It also doesn’t help the fact that June 30 is a Monday.  Games typically release on Tuesdays in North America and Fridays in Europe.

Currently Ubisoft has Watch Dogs penned in for a release sometime between April-June.  The fact that Sony has given the game an end of June release date could hint that we should not expect the game until June.

We’ll keep you updated should Ubisoft or Sony release any statements concerning Watch Dog’s release date.