Warframe Update 12 Now Available for PS4

The free-to-play cooperative shooter has finally received the the next big update on PS4. While 12.0 hit PC in early February, PS4 users have had to wait patiently to get their hands on the new Zephyr class. That is no longer the case as Digital Extremes has passed certification for their sizable update and released it to the masses, hopefully fixing any issues users had with 11.5.

Not only does this update change the icon you will see on your PS4 dashboard, but more importantly, the HUD has been greatly stylized for combat to be less obtrusive and show even more data. There will be a few new weapons to collect, but more importantly, there’s a new game type called Interception that acts as a capture the flag style mode. The install patch is roughly 160MB, whereas the full 12.0 update requires 400MB. Get going, Tenno.