BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Not Appearing On Xbox 360 Is No Conspiracy

As a huge fan of the BlazBlue series, and having only the Xbox 360 as my seventh generation console, I was probably among the many who were heartbroken when Arc System Works decided to skip over the platform entirely, and instead make the game exclusive to Sony devices.

Being the conclusion jumping goose that I am, I assumed that the developers simply had no love for the system that has always been a bit of a sinking ship in Japan. It was only elementary, and the lack of Xbox 360 plans for the upcoming home version of Guilty Gear Xrd — which is set to appear on the PlayStation 3 — only provided further proof to my conclusion.

I was wrong, however. In an exclusive interview conducted by Siliconera with BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori, he finally explained why there isn’t a Xbox 360 version of BlazBlue Chorno Phantasma. It’s simple really: the storage media just wasn’t up to the task.

“If the Xbox 360 could increase its storage space by double then we could bring it there. Chrono Phantasma doesn’t fit on the disc. Basically, if you were to fit it on a disc you would have to compress it and the quality will go down and I was concerned that it would be an inferior version.”

Now before you say “Hey! Then how come there’s a Vita version?” Well, it’s a classic case of apples and oranges, my friends.

“If you looked at the Vita version, you can see that the graphics have been compressed, we’re busting our butts to make it look good. The quality for Vita is acceptable for portable systems. But if you had a Vita quality game on a home console, personally I’d be upset. We’re trying to make it to the best of our ability for a portable system.”

There you have it folks. Hopefully the enhanced storage medium of the Xbox One will improve its chances of getting a port of Guilty Gear Xrd. You can read the rest of Silconera’s interview with Toshimichi Mori, and in the meantime why don’t you check out our preview of the game.