Multiplayer Will Not Return In Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has spoken.  There will be no multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Knight.  The game will be strictly single player.

“This is a single-player game. There is no multiplayer,” Game Director Sefton Hill told Game Informer. Right at the start this was our vision. It’s going to take all of our effort for all of this time. We don’t have the time to do multiplayer.”

Last year, Warner Bros. tried to get multiplayer working in Batman: Arkham Origins.  Developer Splash Damage was tasked with development and came up with a 3 vs. 3 vs. 2 concept.  Six players played a traditional third-person shooter as Joker and Bane gang members.  The other two played as Batman and Robin trying to take out the gang members stealthily.

Arkham Knight will make full use of the capabilities of the next-gen consoles.  Gotham City will be absolutely huge and brimming with detail.  Also, there can be at least 50 enemies on screen at the same time, five times what could be on screen in Arkham City and Origins.

For the first time in the franchise players will be able to drive the Batmobile.  Batman’s flashy ride comes stocked with immobilizing missiles, can be summoned at any time and has the ability to eject Batman into the air at any given time.  Rocksteady has confirmed that there will be Riddler challenges specifically for the Batmobile.

Finally, Rocksteady gave some hints about the villain.  The title ‘Arkham Knight’ actually has nothing to do with Batman.  Instead, it belongs to a mysterious new nemesis, a militarized version of Batman.  He dons the signature Arkham ‘A’ on his chest.  Internet rumors suggest that the new villain could possibly be Hush, someone who Batman encounters in a side mission during Batman: Arkham City.  He surgically alters his face to resemble Bruce Wayne’s.

However, the best news is the fact that Kevin Conroy is back to voice Bruce Wayne/Batman after his absence from Batman: Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out sometime in 2014 (Possibly October 14) for PS4, Xbox One and PC.