Shadow Blade Released on the OUYA

Shadow Blade, a recent addition to the Google Play store, is now available on the OUYA as well. Both versions have a free-to-play component, and deliver enough gameplay to allow you to see if you’ll enjoy it or not. While platformers are plentiful on the OUYA, quality ones are fairly scarce. This is a ninja-themed game with smooth controls that make the precise timing needed for double-jumps and running attacks easy to learn. There’s a definite Mark of the Ninja vibe with the fluidity of the character movement, but with action emphasized instead of stealth. The platforming is just about flawless, and at $5, this is a great value. Hopefully, this gets a wider release on the PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One,, and Steam down the line because there’s a quality product here and it deserves as much exposure as possible.