Social Media Campaign to Save Shenmue

This won’t be news to Shenmue loyalists as the seeds were planted not long ago, but it’s still important to spread the word in any case. Since the start of 2014 a social media campaign has been making waves on social media outlets, primarily Twitter, with the goal to spread awareness and create widespread interest and support for the Shenmue series. More importantly, to urge those responsible to help Shenmue III see the light of day.

This campaign is being run by Team Yu, and on the third of each month fans and supporters take it to Twitter and social media to spread awareness, mainly by using the hash tag #SaveShenmue. Just recently on March 3, 2014, their message reached out to a combined audience of nearly 10 million people via Twitter and other media outlets.

Shenmue was SEGA’s most high budget and ambitious project that took well over a decade to finally materialize on the Dreamcast. Two games in this epic saga were released, with the second game ending on a heartbreaking cliff hanger that only left fans wanting more. Fans have been waiting for a sequel since 2001, but due to a number of business decisions this has not been possible. SEGA would move on with a spiritual successor of sorts in the form of Yakuza, a series that has been one of the company’s biggest cash draws in recent times. As much as we love Yakuza, the incredible story of Shenmue simply cannot be left untold.

The buzz surrounding Shenmue is at an all time high, with the next social media event scheduled to take place on 3 April, 2014. If you would like to get involved, then you should check out the official Team Yu #SaveShenmue page where you can get your voice heard and contribute to the campaign.

Team Yu needs you.