Jumpman Forever Beta Hits OUYA

Jumpman Forever’s Kickstarter reached its goal and will hit a ton of platforms – including the OUYA. Now, OUYA owners can gain access to the beta and, due to the Free the Games fund, will also be the first to play. It’ll come to PC, OSX, iOS, and Android after the exclusivity period is up. The beta lets you play 14 levels as either a man or woman and choose from a ton of difficulty levels that ramp up the speed and enemy count. If you’re used to classic Donkey Kong physics, you’ll be able to get used to how this game works. The goal is to collect rings and do so with careful jumping, as fall damage will kill you instantly. Well, not exactly instantly – there’s some wacky stuff that occurs between the fall’s impact and your character dying. Even in beta form, this is rock-solid and I can’t wait to try out the full game.