Ridiculously Violent FMV Game Harvester Comes to GOG

Ah, the 90s were quite a time for video games. It seemed that companies everywhere were attempting to push violence far beyond Mortal Kombat. As senators became fearful of the video game menace, gamers lapped up titles hyped purely by their “mature” depictions of gore. One such game from this era is Harvester by DigiFX Interactive.

As with many of its contemporaries, it utilized full motion video (FMV) and digitized actors, which now look quite hokey. The game’s main claim to fame was simply due to the incredibly strange nature of its violence. For example, the small town of Harvest happens to have a live missile base which can, under certain circumstances, destroy the entire area.

Even in 1996 it was fairly ridiculous. If you missed out on the experience of playing Harvester then GOG has you covered. They’ve added it to their catalog for $5.99. Definitely check it out if you have a thing for oddball games.