Cube Tactics Arriving On The 3DS eShop Next Week

It’s always nice when a newly announced game is released to public just a week later, and this also seems to be the case with the just announced 3DS eShop title Cubic Tactics. It will be available for purchase on the eShop this time next week for a paltry sum of $4.99.

Cubic Tactics is a cool little strategy RPG with a cubic twist, combining elements of cubic puzzles with tactical RPG combat. Apart from the main quest this game will feature a fully online multiplayer mode allowing up to three players to go at war. So for just $4.99, you get a fresh new idea for a puzzle RPG along with multiplayer; sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Check out the trailer for the game below. Cubic Tactics hits the eShop on 13 March, 2014.