inFamous: Second Son Pre-Order Numbers Are Higher Than The Last of Us

inFamous: Second Son is the long-awaited PS4 entry in the franchise, which will release in two weeks.  Today, Sony has revealed that pre-orders for inFamous: Second Son are very high, even higher than the award-winning The Last of Us.

SCE UK product manager Josh Walker broke the news to MVC.  He revealed that Sony is going to push the game with a multi-million pound (UK currency) marketing campaign focused on movies and TV.  Sony is going as far as to put ads in movie theaters to market the game.

“We have high expectations for Infamous: Second Son and are excited by the level of pre-orders which are exceeding that of The Last of Us at this point in the run up to its launch,” said Walker.

“We can already see it benefiting from the goodwill and of buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4 and expect Second Son to be the biggest game in the Infamous series to date.”

To date, The Last of Us has sold nearly 5 million copies.  The original inFamous has sold about 3 million copies and inFamous 2 about 1.5 million copies.  With pre-orders eclipsing those of The Last of Us, inFamous: Second Son should make a huge sales splash when it launches.

inFamous: Second Son is out March 21 exclusively on PS4.