Pixeljunk Inc. Transmogrifies Into Nom Nom Galaxy on Steam Early Access

Pixeljunk Inc. has been a blip on the horizon for a long while now, but today Q Entertainment revealed the horizon is far closer than it looks, kind of.  Next week on March 13th the strange, epic game about creating a soup empire hits Steam Early Access while also metamorphosising into Nom Nom Galaxy.  The announcement trailer has full details, but for those wanting to save nearly 9 minutes of video watching, here’s the gist of it-

Nom Nom Galaxy is a Terraria-like which combines platforming, resource mining, and a bit of tower defense into a game about creating giant factories to keep the galaxy supplied with a steady stream of delicious soup products.  Run, jump, build, harvest, and automate to start the your corporate empire, and crush your enemies without mercy, because those jerks will eat into your profits and marketshare without a moment’s hesitation.






While development has come a long way since it was initially announced, there’s still a ton of work left to do and Q Entertainment is hoping Early Access will help them prioritize their efforts.  They make it clear in the video there’s a lot of work left to do, even calling it “a complete buggy mess”.  Still, for Pixeljunk fans it might be worth putting up with whatever glitchy insanity is waiting inside, and if you’re really dedicated there are even Kickstarter-style tiers that get you extra goodies all the way up to a trip to Japan and even Executive Producer credit, if you’ve got a spare $6k lying around.  For those of us living on a more human scale, however, the $9 price tag is going to be awfully tempting.