Super Killer Hornet Resurrection Gets Flash Sale on OUYA

Flump Studios, the group behind Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, has made the brand-new OUYA version available in a flash sale. For the next day, or until Saturday March 8, OUYA owners can snatch up this math/shooter hybrid for a mere dollar. This makes it the cheapest version of the game available on a console as the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace version is $2, while the OUYA version is normally $3. Like the original game, this one gives you a challenging, but not overly-difficult shooter that requires a bit more strategy than most. During the shooting action, you’ll be bombarded with numbers and you’ll need to solve the math problems that pop up to get bonuses. It’s a bit like edutainment, but fun – it would’ve been by far the best game that tried to teach kids math in the 16-bit era because there’s actually action in it! It’s also got a really awesome soundtrack, so pick this up if you dig shooters and don’t mind a little math – here’s some footage of how this combination all comes together in the end product.