Mugen Souls Z Gets a May 20 Release Date

NIS America confirmed to Gematsu yesterday that Mugen Souls Z will receive a May 20 release in North America and a May 23 release in Europe. They’ve also added some pretty nifty extras to the package for anyone that decides to opt for the Limited Edition version which is currently available on the NIS America online store for preorder. Seventy dollars will nab you not only the game, but a hardcover art book, a Mugen Souls Z Zodiac keychain, a nifty collector’s box, and a tear resistant poster. What makes the poster tear resistant? It is made entirely out of kleenex.

…oh, you know, they probably mean tear resistant, as in you can’t rip it. That makes way more sense. Either way, head over to the site to check out all the goodies and try to hold back your sobbing as the game will be available later this month.