Strategy RPG Destiny of Spirits Hits the Vita May 25

While people have been clamoring for more titles to play for their Vita practically since the thing game out, it always seems to have a healthy supply of RPG titles heading its way. This supply is set to get even healthier, as the Vita exclusive title Destiny of Spirits will be available on the Vita May 25 in North America. Other regions will be seeing a similar release dates, so soon everyone should be able to experience what Sony is describing as a “fun, addictive, RPGish strategy” game. What makes a game RPGish? Most likely an advertiser that isn’t too great with wordsish, but perhaps there is some substantial difference here we can’t see from the trailer.

A closed beta was already held in October last year, and because of it Sony claims they were able to identify and optimize several issues. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action and see if it looks like your kind of RPGish experience. The best news is the game is free to play, so it can’t hurt to check out when in launches.