Telltale Talks Tales From the Borderlands at SXSW

Telltale held a couple of panels at SXSW 2014 yesterday, with one of them being devoted solely to new information on their upcoming title Tales from the Borderlands. The big news coming out of is the identity of the two protagonists in the game, and they are both newcomers to the series. The game will alternate in perspective between Rhys and Fiona and will be told through a series of flashbacks. The same events will end up being covered in each story, but with two different perspectives we will end up seeing two different versions of what happened.

In spite of the new characters, a lot of what you see should be familiar to fans of the series. The game will still take place on Pandora, and Telltale promised appearances of a lot of familiar faces from the previous Borderlands games. They even promised a bit of shooting, although they say it will have a Telltale twist to it. Use bullet with gun. Use gun on head. Puzzle solved! I don’t know how else they would incorporate shooting into an adventure game, but the game is already shaping up to follow in the path of a series of successful Telltale adventures. The first episode will be released sometime later this year.