Bundle Stars Indie Capsule Bundle 2 Launched

The Bundle Stars have returned with an awesome bundle that offers up a lot of well-crafted indie gaming for under five dollars. A mere $4 gets you One Finger Death Punch, which Totalbiscuit recently raved about, Paranormal, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Hexcells, The Adventures of Shuggy, Critical Mass, and CreaVures. At 50 cents a game, this bundle is very easy to recommend. It seems like One Finger Death Punch is worth the cost of this bundle on its own, while CreaVures looks beautiful, Tiny and Big gives you a 3D action-platformer, and Foreign Legion gives you a highly-stylized third-person shooter. If you’re remotely interested in any of these games, snatch this bundle up at some point. It will be available for 28 days, so when tax time rolls around, it’ll be too late.