Go Beyond Death With Dark Souls II’s Launch Trailer

The end is nigh.  The wait to experience the brutality of Dark Souls II is about to end.  It launches tomorrow in North America, and here’s a launch trailer to hold you over for the next few hours.

Dark Souls II arrives over two years after the release of the first title.  Players take on the role of an unnamed warrior cursed with immortality and is looking to break the curse.  Though he is immortal, the character will still experience death in some of the most brutal ways possible.

The Souls games (including Demon’s Souls) are well known for their brutal, sadistic gameplay.  Like its predecessors, Dark Souls II will be a challenging ordeal for players with death being a regular occurrence.

Dark Souls II is out tomorrow, March 11, on PS3 and Xbox 360.  The PC version will launch April 25.  Check out the launch trailer below: