Square-Enix Moves Forward PC Release Date of Deus Ex: The Fall

Players who remember diving into Square-Enix’s cyberpunk, stealth-driven RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution will likely recall the deep choices in play style and detailed narrative revolving around Adam Jensen, something that was attempted in mobile follow-up Deus Ex: The Fall.

Alongside Square-Enix, the developers at Eidos Montreal and N-Fusion have decided to release the PC port of the game on March 18 for the PC and Steam. While the reasons for such an early release is to be debated, it’s more than welcome. The stealthy and RPG elements came through with flying colors iOS systems and on an Android devices, and now these same attributes come in full effect on PCs completely free of microtransactions.

For a more in depth look at Deus Ex: The Fall, check out the trailer below.