Steam Weeklong Sale Begins

The Steam weeklong sale has begun and has a new format. Instead of a giant vertical listing of thumbnails, everything’s arranged in an easier to see column format. Deals include Crysis 2: Maximum Edition for $10, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I for $2.50, Dead Space 2 for $7 – so if you got Dead Space 1 and 3 during the Humble Origin sale, you can complete the series here, and Larva Mortus for 50 cents. The next row includes Kinetic Void for $10, The Undergarden going for $10, with no sale, Earthworm Jim 3D for $7, so if you’ve got to prove to someone you don’t need EVERYTHING available on Steam, there’s a good game to start with, and Rush Bros. is a mere $2. That game rules and is well worth the $2, so snatch it up.

Dysfunctional Systems teaches you how to manage chaos for only $1, while Death to Spice is $5, 4 Elements is $2, and WBM Tycoon is $2.50. Music Maker 2014 Premium is $67, Starpoint Gemini 2 is $15, DUCATI World Championship is $1.24, and Teleglitch is $6.50. Dead Space 1 is $7, Signal Ops is $7.50, Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is $12.50, and Earthworm Jim 2 is $7. Firstburst is $2.50, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation is $5, Agricultural Simulator 2011 is $2, and Super Sanctum TD is only 40 cents.

Sonic 4: Episode II is $3.75, while Chrome and SpecForce are bundled together for $2. Poof is on its own for $3.50, Sugar Cube is $1.75, Speed Runners will only set you back $5, and Steam Marines is $7.50. Gas Guzzlers EXTREME is $10, the original Crysis is $7, and Race the Sun is a mere $5.