The Sword Pokémon, Honedge, Comes to Life

Skilled blacksmith Tony Swatton and his team use their skills to replicate some of our favorite weapons from TV, video games and film. He’s been creating weaponry for some of entertainment’s biggest titles including: The Mask of Zorro, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hunger Games. Some of his video game creations include Link’s Master Sword, an Energy Sword from Halo and Sepiroth’s Masamune.

Their most recent masterpiece comes in the form of Honedge from Pokémon X and Y. It looks entirely legit and badass; we really regret bullying and picking on it in the past. We’re sorry, please don’t slice us! Watch the video of it’s made and notice how much detail, time and labor Tony goes through just for all of us fans. He crafts deadly weapons all the while keeping them as beautiful works of art. No matter how nice Honedge looks, you won’t want it using HM01 on you, though.

Watch the entire video below and you’ll even catch a cameo from everyone’s favorite Pokémaniac, JWittz. And, check out Tony’s series, Man at Arms. It’s a lot more tame than watching a lunatic melt consoles for an “art” project.