Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Wishes Sony’s Jack Tretton Good Luck

In all the animosity that erupts between fanboys, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that everyone in the games industry is good friends.  Even executives from rival companies are friends and wish the best for each other.

Last week it was revealed that Jack Tretton would be leaving Sony after 19 years of service.  Obviously, this is very sad news as Jack was one of the faces of PlayStation since the beginning.

On Twitter, Microsoft Game Studios Head Phil Spencer sent out a tweet wishing Jack the best for the future.  “Jack Tretton has been a strong leader in our industry for many years. Good luck to him whatever he decides to do next.”

Microsoft and Sony as companies have been at each other’s throats for years as their consoles vie for consumers.  In fact, competition sparked another Tweet asking what Phil thought of all the shots Sony took at the Xbox One last year.  Surprisingly, Phil brushed it off as just business.  “Business is business, I get that. We all will compete. Jack is a good person. I don’t hold competing in biz against anyone.”

Once again, in an industry that is filled with so much hate its nice to see some good.