New Costume DLC Available For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

If you love dressing Lightning up in all kinds of weird outfits then Square Enix has the DLC for you.  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has received four new DLC packs containing new costumes.

The Legends Pack might look very familiar.  This DLC pack combines all of the Pre-Order incentives from various retailers.  Here you’ll get Yuna’s X-2 outfit, Cloud’s Soldier uniform and Aerith’s flower girl outfit.  The rest of the DLC is Samurai based.

Princes range from $2.99 to $9.99.  All of this DLC is available today on PSN and Xbox Live when the stores update.

Check out all of the DLC below:

Legends Collection ($9.99): Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna, Final Fantasy VII Cloud, Final Fantasy VII Aerith

Samurai DLC:

  • Sohei Savior ($2.99): Soul Savior garb, Treasure Hold weapon, Fealty shield
  • Shogun ($2.99): Shogun garb, Thirteen Nights weapon, Thunderstruck shield

The Samurai Collection ($9.99):

  • Shining Prince
  • Dark Samurai
  • Sohei Savior
  • Utsusemi
  • Art of War
  • Flower of Battle
  • Shogun