PlayStation Home Gets Trophy Support Tomorrow

Sony has confirmed that their PlayStation Home service will be getting Trophy Support tomorrow, March 12.

PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen confirmed the news on Twitter.  “PlayStation Home v1.86 coming on Weds 12 March, introduces Trophies! *ping*”

PlayStation Home launched in 2008 and was long seen as a saving grace for the PS3.  If you remember, the PS3 did not have a great launch and lost a ton of exclusive titles.  PlayStation Home was seen as a service to rival Xbox Live.  However, the Second Life type app failed to live up to expectations.  However, people still play it on PS3.  PlayStation Home has not come to PS4 or PS Vita.

The trophy list has not been released yet.  This update will go live worldwide at the same time and will be applied to retroactively.  So, as long as you have used the service and did stuff in it, you should get some free Trophies right out the gate.

PlayStation Home is a free service available on PS3.