According To Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Worth The Fee

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s president of PR, told Gamestop that he believes that there is value to the subscription system they’ve chosen, and that the company intends on supporting the game by way of content updates that are “real and significant,” and ones that will feel like “regular and consistent DLC releases” rather than minor updates such as new swords or trinkets.

“We feel pretty strongly about the support we’re going to have for the game and what you’re going to get for those dollars.”

Hines acknowledges that this method may very well limit the number of players willing to participate in the experience, but ensured that Bethesda wasn’t concerned. “It is a certain kind of game. There’s no shooter elements. There’s no aliens. It is a massive, ‘Go where you want, do what you want’ game that we think offers the kind of experience that’s worthy of a subscription.”

While Bethesda doesn’t seem too worried, many beta participants had different words on the matter. With the Elder Scrolls title at stake, we sincerely hope Bethesda knows what they’re doing.