Shovel Knight To Be Delayed By A Few Weeks

If you’re as excited about Shovel Knight as I am, then you will probably be a little disappointed to know that the game will not be able make its intended 31 March, 2014 release date. Unfortunately, the release has been delayed. Luckily, not by much. According to an update on the Shovel Knight Kickstarter page, we can still expect to get our hands on the game sometime next month.

The developers mention fatigue as one of the reasons, but the delay is actually a blessing in disguise because the team intends to thoroughly polish and test (the now complete) game on all the platforms. They’re finalizing the script, testing all the levels, and giving it that extra coat of paint just to be safe.

You can read the full announcement on the official Kickstarter page. Shovel Knight is set to appear on PC, 3DS, and Wii U. While there is no confirmed release date yet, mid April, 2014 is as good a guess as any.