Titanfall Hit With ‘Unexpected Downtime’ On PC

Titanfall is out now on both Xbox One and PC.  We already know that the influx of players is causing problems for Xbox Live, and now we know that it is also causing problems for PC.

Some users are reporting getting an error titled ‘Error Code 503’ when trying to play Titanfall.  The game crashes saying that it has lost connection with the server, and then the error message hits telling players that it has failed to retrieve player data from storage.  A strange case that has prompted a response from EA over the issue.

“Titanfall is currently experiencing connection problems, which means you may not be able to connect to online play, or even might get dropped from an online match you’re currently playing,” the statement reads. “Rest assured that we’re addressing this problem and will provide updates as soon as possible.

“Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned to this article for more information.”

Despite a small amount of issues, the launch of Titanfall has been relatively smooth compared to the recent launches of SimCity and Battlefield 4.  Hopefully EA, Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft can figure out a solution fast so the players can get back in the game.

Titanfall is out now on Xbox One and PC.  The Xbox 360 version is out March 25.