Upcoming Yoko Shimomura Album Will Feature Music From Final Fantasy XV

Yoko Shimomura is a true veteran and legend in the video game industry, sitting on the top pedestal of video game composers and musicians. She has been been composing for video games for the last 25 years, and to commemorate her career and milestone she will soon release a special compilation album featuring some of her best work. The album is titled “memoria!: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura” and is set for a release on March 26, 2014 in Japan.

Yoko Shimomura is primarily known for her beautiful compositions featured in the Kingdom Hearts series, but her impressive resume also includes the soundtracks of other classic Square-Enix games like Parasite Eve and Front Mission. At this stage she is currently working on the score of both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Fans eagerly awaiting the release of these two mega JRPG sequels will be pleased to know that Yoko Shimomura’s upcoming album will include a taste of what’s to come as well.

The new track is titled Omnis Lacrima, and it’s from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV. The piece is being included in the album as one of the bonus tracks. An album featuring the musical work and legacy of Yoko Shimomura is worth it in of itself, but having a sample track from one of the most hotly anticipated games in recent memory included as a bonus, makes the package that much sweeter.

Head on over to the official website of the album for release details and track listing, and sample an incredibly moving piece while you’re there.