The Alien Becomes Scary Again In Alien: Isolation

The most recent games featuring Ridley Scott’s terrifying Alien have failed to live up to the horror and suspense that the original film is famous for.  They’ve tended to focus more on action and being awesome, and they’ve all been terrible games.  Nobody can forget that rotten stench that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Well thank goodness Creative Assembly is here to reverse this trend.

In a brand new video, the team discusses bringing the Alien to life.  Creative Assembly has worked hard to bring the Alien to life in a horrifying way.  The creature doesn’t have a specific AI pattern so that the player can never learn the best ways to avoid it.  Rather, the creatures AI varies based on the environment and the choices the player makes.

One example put forth is that Amanda Ripley can find a gun.  However, players have to choose whether its worth it use it.  Using the gun could alert the Alien of where Amanda is and attack her, and that gun might not be enough to kill it.

Alien: Isolation is out Fall 2014 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.  Check out the developer diary below: