Chroma Squad Gets Faux Japanese TV Spot

With so many KickStarter funded video games these days it’s difficult to keep track of them all, especially when most of them appear to be nostalgic cash-ins based on classic video games of yesteryear. Sure, homages are cool and all but it’s better when developers implement the spirit of those titles in new and refreshing ways. A good example of this is Game Dev Story, a neat turn-based RPG featuring 16bit-style visuals. While the game does induce nostalgia, it offers much more than that by offering an unorthodox but very fun Dungeons & Dragons experience. Another example of this is the upcoming indie release by Behold studios, a very nifty looking game titled Chroma Squad.

In Chroma Squad, you assume the role of a TV station manager that records and produces live action super hero shows, akin to Power Rangers. It’s an interesting hybrid of a turn-based tactical RPG and a management simulators. Quite frankly, you’d be hard pressed to find something quite like it. It has a strong, quirky Japanese vibe to it, referencing the popular super hero sub-culture in Japanese popular culture.

The developers shared a very tongue in cheek trailer for the game today, presented to look like a Japanese TV commercial, complete with an overly excited Japanese narrator dub. Can’t go wrong with a little creative humor. You can check out this fun trailer below, and while you’re at it, ┬áhead on over to the official website to get yourself better acquainted with the game. Chroma Squad releases for PC sometime early 2014.