King Seeking $7.6 Billion in IPO Valuation

As the mobile casual gaming giant King saw its revenue grow to over $600 million in 2013, the Candy Crush Saga developer is expecting that its initial public offering will be around $21 to $24 per share.

Despite the (highly deserved) bad press the company’s been getting recently for going on a trademarking crusade, the company is experiencing astonishing growth. For comparison, that $7.6 billion valuation is slightly higher than the 90-year-old Hasbro. Not too shabby for a company that was founded in 2003.

King’s IPO is set to be priced on March 25th, and according to Reuters, “of the 22.2 million shares on sale in the offering, the company will sell 15.5 million, while stockholders, including Apax Ventures, will sell 6.7 million shares.”