Don’t Forget Ether One’s Launch on March 25th

Ether One, by White Paper Games, looks to be an innovative take on the adventure genre. Many still think back to classic point and click adventures filled with obtuse, wacky puzzles that block most from completing them. In the case of Ether One, players will be able to engage with difficult puzzles or simply explore and still reach a worthwhile conclusion.

Of course, simply having a wide range of difficulty isn’t the only thing appealing about Ether One. There’s also the storyline. Although it’s mostly shrouded in mystery at the moment, it is said to deal with themes relating to the fragility of our minds.

This concept is touched upon in the trailer that White Paper Games released today as well. Ether One will be out next week on GOG, Humble Store, and Steam. The Deluxe Edition, which includes the soundtrack and some artwork, can be pre-ordered now for $16.99 which raises to $20 after launch.