Stallion83 Celebrates Hitting One Million In Gamerscore, Mourns The Loss of His Thumbs

I play games. A lot. A play a lot of games and spend a lot of time playing the games I do have. I also am a bit a trophy/achievement junkie. I once spent nearly two days in Demon’s Souls fighting one specific enemy in one specific level hoping he would drop one specific item that I could use to forge a sword I never, ever intended on using just because there was a trophy for it. And I didn’t even like Demon’s Souls. This is not the behavior of a sane individual. If I explained to my friends how I used my free time during that two day span, they would slowly back away and change their locks and phone numbers because they would think I either suffered I mental break or that my body had been inhabited by a particularly neurotic alien life form. I tell you all this so when you read the subsequent commentary, you know it comes from someone familiar with the particular strain of neurosis known as achievement hunting. Earlier this week, Stallion83 became the first individual to earn one million gamerscore. I both recognize how impressive that achievement is and, at the same time, have concerns that achievements might have ruined the quality of this man’s life over the past eight years.

Stallion83 (or Raymond Cox as he is known to his friends, family, and every employee at an electronics store in town) hit the million mark on March 12. There had been a bit of a race leading up to it, but he pulled away and as of last year it was pretty obvious he would be the first to hit it. He achieved 1,000,000 GS exactly after nabbing a Titanfall achievement, and did so in front of a crowd of roughly 10,000 people as he livestreamed the event on Twitch. He was already the Guinness World Record holder for gamerscore, and this latest boost only further cemented his record.

Take a minute though and think about the logistics of this. He has 1,000,000 GS. If we assume he maxed out every game (he didn’t) and didn’t play any XBLA titles (he played plenty), and ignore games with DLC he would have to play 1,000 games to completion to get that score. It took him a little over eight years to do this. Dividing 1,000 games over 8 years gives you 125 games per year, or roughly one game every three days. And, as he didn’t finish every game he played and played through a lot of games that maxed out at 200 or 400 GS, it is likely even more than that. It baffles my mind he ever found time to get off the couch. And contrary to what you might think, this guy isn’t even some huge fat gelatinous blob; if you check out his facebook page or website you can see he’s actually in good shape. My conclusion from this? He is some sort of wizard and the normal laws of time simply do not apply to him. I have no idea how else he got to one million GS so quickly.


If you have an Xbox Live account, you can actually compare the trophies he has compared to yours, and you will immediately become more satisfied with the way you’ve spent your free time. He has 1000/1000 on Disney Fairies, Ben 10 Omniverse 2, Kinect Sesame TV DVD, and Hannah Montana The Movie. Eight year olds would look at this and laugh at his game selection. He has 1000/1000 in Ride to Hell: Retribution and 1250/1250 on Kane & Lynch 2, games so bad their own developers haven’t played them enough to max out the GS.  He has unlocked every achievement in multiple games that pluralized words in their titles with a z. He has 1250/1250 in Kinectimals. He played Kinectimals long enough to unlock every achievement in it. If anyone on my friend list even has a single achievement in Kinectimals, I call the suicide prevention hotline immediately because that is a man that has lost the will to live.

So, I suppose my question is, of those more than 1,000 games played, how many did he really enjoy playing? 500? 250? If I scoured the entire Xbox library, I’m not sure I could come up with 1,000 I’d feel comfortable owning, much less playing long enough to get a chunk of the achievements. How many games did he play just to boost his gamerscore, and at that point is your hobby really even gaming any more? Did he have time for games on other systems? Movies? Friends? Well, after reaching his goal, he sent out this tweet.

This is a man that sacrificed TV and movies and who knows what else to get the one million gamerscore in a measly eight years. He works harder at achievements than most people do at their real jobs. If doctors worked as hard at doctoring as Stallion83 has at achievement hunting, disease would have been finally eradicated six years ago and the major debate in the medical community would be which arm is more ethical to remove and replace with a gun cannon. He has his own twitch stream and website, so hopefully he’s made some decent money off of all of this because I have no idea how he could possibly fit in a full time job in there as well.

So, congrats Stallion83! Congrats on the completion of your goal and congrats at being the first person to hit the one million mark. He says he doesn’t plan on ever getting to two million, so maybe now is a good time to take a well deserved break. Sit back. Relax. Maybe take in a movie. I hear this Avatar film got some good buzz while you were away.