EA Is Once Again In The Running For Worst Company In America

The Consumerist has released its nominees for the Worst Company in America tournament.  All of the nominees were voted for by users.  Voting begins tomorrow, March 19 if anyone is interested.

EA has been nominated for its third year in a row, but will it “win” for a third time in a row?  The publisher “won” in 2012 and 2013 and could easily win again in 2014.  The SimCity and Battlefield 4 launch debacles combined with the poor handling of the Titanfall Xbox exclusivity reveal make it a prime candidate for angry game fans.  EA goes up against Time Warner Cable in the first round.

The only other game related company to make the Top 32 is Microsoft.  Microsoft’s controversial Xbox One policies and focus on entertainment caused much anger from Xbox fans.  Add on top of that terrible sales for Surface and Windows Phone devices and Microsoft has potential to go far in this bracket.  Microsoft goes up against AT&T in the first round.

We’ll let you know who the “winner” is when all the voting is done.