EA Sports UFC Gameplay Video Released

EA has been tight-lipped on revealing much about EA Sports UFC, and for the most part, today is no different. However, they did at least showcase a fair amount of gameplay footage that gives players at least a reasonable idea of what to expect from the game when it releases this spring. Elbow strikes look devastating and seem to carry a lot of force with each blow Рjust as they should since they can result in instant bleeding or broken orbital bones in real life. Body kicks bring about flesh moving in an effect that should get better-looking as the series wears on, but looks solid as is. Submissions appear to have a struggle to them in both the animation and body deformation, although nothing about how to execute, avoid, or escape submissions was shown off. EA is stating that everything shown off here is legit gameplay footage, so  the game should at least live up to being an excellent next-gen MMA game that could very well be the best MMA game ever made. For more on EA Sports UFC, and the entire history of MMA in gaming that led us to this point, check out our massive article on the subject here.