The Bard’s Tale Free on Amazon Today

A decade ago, The Bard’s Tale carved a niche out for itself with a light-hearted story that poked fun at RPG tropes. Now, the game is available at absolutely no cost to you via Amazon’a free app of the day. Normally, you’ll just get a free $1 app, but this one usually costs $3 and offers a far more substantial experience than any gaming-related freebie since Doom & Destiny was made free about a month ago. The game takes up around 1.8 GB for standard def, or 3.5 GB for the HD version. As a result of the size requirement, I can’t fit either version onto my jam-packed OUYA to see if this particular version is playable on the system, which already has a port of the game available on the Discover store – but if you have one of the LE 16 GB models, give it a shot and see if it works.