Xbox 360 WWE Network Gets WCW and ECW PPVs

After three weeks, the WWE Network app on the Xbox 360 now gives you access to WCW and ECW Pay-Per-View events. Before, you only had the vast majority of WWE PPVs on it, without any WCW or ECW PPVs available. They were featured on the PS3 and PS4 versions of the app, but weren’t on the Xbox 360. Now, they’re up on the app but strangely, they’re in the Vault section instead of in the regular PPV section. While the setup is a bit clunky, it’s great to see that the PPVs are finally available since they’re a major draw for the network. Like the PS3 and PS4, the video quality is fantastic and it may actually wind up being better on the 360 since most owners of an older model have their systems hard-wired to the internet and will get a stronger signal.