Humble Weekly Sale Focuses on Rhythm Games

If you’re a fan rhythm games, or know someone who’s curious about them, this week’s Humble Weekly sale is something you’ll want to pick up in some form. You can pay what you want, with a $1 minimum, for Symphony, Sequence, and BIT.TRIP RUNNER. Symphony and BIT.TRIP include OSTs in this tier. The second tier allows you to pay more than $6 and get Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and RetroGrade. That tier nets you OSTs for Beat Hazard Ultra and RetroGrade. The great thing about this bundle is that while you do have traditional rhythm gaming in there with Audiosurf, you’ve also got a ton of shooting games as well. RUNNER is a runner with a rhythm theme due to its soundtrack giving you clues when to jump, while Sequence mixes RPG and rhythm gaming – everything else is some kind of shooter. It’s a fantastic bundle, even if the games offered up aren’t AAA-level titles being made available for next to nothing.